Reform Drug Testing

Despite having a valid medical cannabis recommendation from your Doctor and a card from the MMCC, you have no protection from failing a drug test for marijuana or its metabolites.  Meaning, you can’t test positive for medical marijuana for a pre-employment or a for cause drug screen.  This is completely ridiculous and unfair.  Medical cannabis should be treated the same as any other medicine.

That is why we are working with Delegate to author legislation to fix this problem. We intend to bring forth legislation specifically allowing for almost all medical cannabis patients to test positive for cannabinoids for employment drug testing.

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Lowering Medical Cannabis Prices

Our philosophy has always been Patients over profits.  With the limited number of growers and initial crop failures, prices have been astronomical.  That is why we are actively fighting to increase the number of medical cannabis grower and processor licenses from 15 to 48.  Two growers and processors per respective county.  We believe this will allow for adequate production and competition to drive down the prices and make medical cannabis more affordable for all Marylanders.

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Protect Patient Gun Rights

No one should have to choose between their medicine and the right to protect themselves, home or family.  Currently gun laws for medical cannabis patients in Maryland are a giant gray area leaning towards illegal.  We need to change that.  We are working to find legislators who are willing to introduce legislation to protect patients Second Amendment rights.

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The Maryland Patient Rights Association was formed to fill the void between patients and Annapolis.  Our goal is to help pass legislation that strengthens the rights of medical cannabis patients throughout the state.  We are made up of first and foremost medical cannabis patients, who are professionals in the medical cannabis industry as well as long time advocates.

Passing legislation costs money.  Everything costs money and in politics, money powers everything.  Please help us influence legislation in favor of medical cannabis patients by donating today.



Next Steps…

Click the Call to Action to find out who your State Senator and State Delegate is.  Email and or Call them and tell them you support ending discrimination against medical cannabis patients in the workplace.

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